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Why Thailand Is Great To Visit


Apr 29, 2022

Why Thailand Is Great To Visit

Visiting Thailand – Why Thailand is Great to Visit

Thailand has a rich history and culture that goes back for more than 5000 years. There are temples, cities and ruins that date back thousands of years. Thailand had a flourishing kingdom in the Middle Ages which was on the trade route between China and India and thus was able to prosper greatly from traveling merchants. The ancient capital of Thailand, Ayutthaya, was established in 1350 and you can still see many temples (wats) that were built for the Buddhist monks.

Apart from temples, Thailand is also a great place to visit because of its grand palaces and castles that date back to the time of the medieval kings. They were built in style to venerate the grandeur and prosperity of the kingdom and their success as a trade route.

Landmarks and memorials

Thailand is full of famous landmarks and memorials. There is the Khru Ba Siwichai Monument in Chiang Mai and the foot of Doi Suthep Mountain. It is a statue in veneration of a devoted Buddhist monk whose followers built the first road in the area with their bare hands.

Bangkok is also the location of the King Rama I Great Memorial. King Rama I was one of Thailand’s greatest kings and this memorial was built in 1932, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Thailand’s independence. There are also great monuments to King Taksin, the country’s World War I expeditionary force and the National Memorial all located in Bangkok.

Places of worship

There are many thousands of Buddhist temples throughout Thailand as Buddhism is the main religion. However, there are other interesting and unique houses of religious worship. You can see a church in Samut Songkhram built by a local Catholic monk in 1890 as well as many other Catholic churches in various cities. Most of the churches were built by Europeans who came to the country after Thailand’s independence. You can also find several mosques throughout Thailand as Islam is also one of the oldest religions in the country as well. The country had mosques even throughout the middle ages for the Islamic merchants who traveled Asia.

Natural beauty

Thailand is a land of natural beauty. Not only does it have pristine white beaches, tropical islands full of deck chairs and palm trees, waterfalls and natural springs that could have been the Garden of Eden, rivers, lakes, caves, but it also has high mountains and even a skiing season.

Thailand has many beautiful national parks that you can visit throughout the year. There is the Doi Suthep National Park which contains Thailand’s highest peak and covers an area of 260 square kilometers. Throughout Thailand’s national parks you can go hiking, climbing, camping, picnicking and many other activities. You can take part in guided tours by experienced local guides and rangers or rough it out alone or with a few friends.

There are many unique animals to see in Thailand as well, such as various species of primates, elephants, tigers and other jungle wildlife.