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Choosing How to School Your Children


May 29, 2020

Gone are the days when the only education your children could receive was in your own home or a little one-room schoolhouse. Today, there is a vast array of options when it comes to where and how your children will learn and grow. Sammamish private schools, homeschool cooperatives, and public schools are all available to you, and they are all good options, but every child and family is different, so you may need some help working through your decision. Here are a few key things to consider.


Sammamish, Washington has a plethora of highly-rated public schools. This is especially true for elementary schools in the area. If you want a high-quality education for your students without a large price tag, public schools are a wonderful option. Public schools are also a good choice for children who thrive in a social and structured environment, as well as those who can conquer homework independently.


Private schools are another great option for parents who don’t feel like they have the time, energy, or skills for home education. Private schools also give you options to be a little pickier about the intricacies of what and how your children will learn. This is very helpful for children who benefit from a specific learning method or need more time and attention from teachers.


The more control you want to have over the details of your child’s education, the more likely it is that homeschooling could be a good option for you. It allows you to tailor every aspect of the curriculum and schedule to meet their unique needs and talents. Homeschool groups also meet throughout the state to help you fill the gaps in subjects that may not be your forte. Although homeschooling is not as expensive as private schools, it is more of a financial investment than public school.

Choosing a path for your child’s education is a big decision. Think about who your child is as a person, what you want as a parent, and how you both will thrive and grow. That is the basis of the best choice for your family.