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3 Ways Preschool Teaches Beyond the ABCs


May 28, 2020

Does your four year old need to attend school? Aren’t you fully capable of teaching her all about the ABCs? These thoughts may be holding you back from sending your daughter off to class; however, there is more to preschool. These early years are a chance for personality and social growth.

Project Based Learning

At this age, exploration is important. After all, life is a journey that simply continues to develop through the ups and downs. Learning to navigate earlier on may develop perseverance. For this reason, children should experience a curriculum that promotes individual thought and curiosity. Research for a Durbin Crossing preschool that encourages this behavior. It’s not just about worksheets. It’s about stretching the imagination, so that little ones learn that the mind isn’t about rote understanding. Through experience and trial and error, the students can express their thoughts and interests, growing as individuals.

Character Lessons

If life was really all about work, it would be droll. Therefore, from youth on, play should be emphasized as a healthy balance with learning. As kids run around on the playground or interact in the classroom, they take on characters or learn how to handle struggles. Take tag, for example, someone is inevitably going to push someone else down. There is no preventing it. When that happens, it’s an opportunity for people to learn how to stick up for others and play fair. These concepts carry over into later life decisions and choices.

Forging Friendships

While some kids are natural extroverts, there are a lot of introverts out there. Preschool is a chance to ease these guys into a social setting. With rules and teachers, it might be a more comfortable environment to explore interaction. Those that would shy away from group play could be encouraged to join in with others. In this way, friendships are made over time, illustrating how it’s okay to open up to others.

It’s tough to send kids off to school, but there is value. They’ll learn to how to live and work with others.