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Belgium – A Classy European Country


Apr 5, 2022

Belgium – A Classy European Country

There are so many different types of countries in Europe, and each has their very individual sort of culture, inhabitants, food, and look. One country that stands out in particular is Belgium. Located in Western Europe, Belgium is a country bordered by the Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxemborg, and the Northern Sea. Gently rolling hills, dense forests, and coastal plains dominate the landscape. All of these elements combine to create a place full of culture, beautiful natural settings, and fun things to do and see. If you want to do something different than the typical European vacation, look into Belgium. Start your trip by using online US passport services.

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Belgium consists of three main regions, and these are Flanders, Brussels, and Wallonia. Each region has it’s very own distinct sort of experience. Brussels is the capital of Belgium, and in its boundaries are cultural and historical attractions, such as the famous Grand Palace and a variety of fine art museums. Flanders is the northern portion of Belgium, and it contains some of Belgium’s largest cities: Antwerp, Bruges, and Ghent. These are great places to visit for a day. Wallonia is another region famous for its culture, and the main language spoken there is French.

One of the most interesting parts of Belgium is all the ancient buildings that are still standing and are still being used even today. History is always present when you walk around the cities of Belgium, and the old Belgian architecture is a sign of this. Fine art also ties closely with Belgian history, and I guarantee you will not have any issues finding art museums to explore. Both Peter Paul Rubens and Anthony van Dyck, along with many other famous artists, are from Belgium. Also keep an eye out for the variety of art, music, and film festivals that happen all throughout the year.

As with most places, food is a close relative of culture, and Belgium is no exception. Chocolate – and the art of making it – are taken very seriously in Belgium, and this means that Belgium has some of the most delicious chocolate in the entire world. Belgian beer is another famous item, and you can actually take “beer tours” around breweries. These tours of course come with free samples of beer. Believe it or not, Belgium has also perfected the french fry, and is actually the homeland of the french fry.