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Sep 9, 2017

When people asked about travelling, most of them never think about backpacker, they think about how expensive and complicated they are so they tend to hold up their desire. Whereas travelling is actually easy and fun. People need to refresh their mind and leave out their routines for a while. Travelling is not always expensive, there are many ways to get a cheap trip. One of them is being a backpacker.

How To Plan And Manage To Be A Backpacker?

Planning is one of the most important things before going for a backpacking. A good plan is not only giving you details about the place you will be going but also could give you a source of knowledge to manage any problems that may occurred there.

Choose the destination first, whether it is domestic or abroad. Find out if you need special requirements such as a passport or visa. Decide places you’re going to stay, how far is it from the tourist attraction you want to go, from mart or from food courts. Calculate your budgets such as for tickets, accommodation, transportations or daily needs.

Travel management is the most important thing for a backpacker to go in a low budget travelling. The limitation of budgets and times requires you to manage all the money, time and needs very well and efficient.

For travel tickets sometimes you need to buy in a special price or ticket promo, so you have to monitor the advertisement or newsletter from the airlines. Make sure to read and check the term and condition when you buy the ticket, just incase you will need to reschedule or even to cancel your ticket.

Backpacker Needs To Manage Time

Time management becomes important for a backpacker who has other activities such as works or for students. School holiday or year-end is called one of the peak seasons for holiday, the price will go up for tickets and accommodations. Usually, summer is not the right time to go to four seasons countries because it’s the peak season for travelling. On the other hand, winter is not the right time either for people who are not used to cold weather, even though the tickets might be cheaper. Such conditions will affect your travelling budget.

Backpacker Needs To Have An Itinerary

A good plan itinerary will give a backpacker an ease to manage time and money. Make a travel schedule and itinerary before you go. List out places and tourist attraction, such as the map and how to go there. Some tourism attractions might near to each other so you don’t need to spend extras transportations fee.

Most Needed Stuff List For Backpacker

Most of the airlines apply some rules for low price ticket, such as carry-on bag only or no luggage. A backpacker needs to put attention to this kind of rules if they want to go on a low budget travelling. Choose the most comfortable clothes and shoes which don’t need special treatments. Bring your personal stuff and medicines. Prepare some special keys or padlock for your suitcase or luggage in case you will be staying with some strangers. Organize your stuff well to prevent from left behind or switch.

If you have chosen a place you want to go and have enough information, you need to prepare your trip including buy ticket, book accommodation, arrange document permits and list travel schedule. Taking care of all the preparations by yourself is cheaper than asking a travel agent.  All of the lists you have prepared could help you to stay on the track.