• Wed. May 29th, 2024


A beautiful beach is one of the most popular destinations for holiday. There are many kinds of activities you could do there, such as swimming, tanning, playing with sand, beach ball, etc. No wonder, when the holiday season comes, the beautiful beach will full of many tourists.

Hat and Sunblock

The sun at the beautiful beach is blazing more than other places. Don’t forget to bring your hat to prevent the sun rays. Apply some amount of sunblock to prevent from sunburns.

Snack and Drink

It is better to bring your own snack and drink before going to a beautiful beach. Even though some beaches provides food stalls or food courts, but bring your own will do you good. It could prevent you from hunger and dehydration.


The blazing sun rays on the beautiful beach could obstruct the view while doing activities on the beach. UV rays are also harmful to the health of the eyes, so wear sunglasses on the beach as your fashion item and also to prevent the sun rays.


Wearing sports shoes or high heels at the beautiful beach is a big NO! You will feel uncomfortable and face difficulty walking on the beach’s sand. Wear a simple sandal so that you can walk and play comfortably without worries.

Spare Clothes and Toiletries

You will play with sand or swim at the beautiful beach. You need to bring your spare clothes and also toiletries, so you could clean away the sand and dirt.

Pay Attention To Your Kids

If you are going to the beautiful beach with your kids, make sure to always pay attention to them. Because a beach is also a dangerous place for kids to play. Do not let the children play too far out the sea and dragged down the waves.

First Aid Kit

Anywhere despite the place, anything could happen including the events that make you hurt. Just in case you need to bring the first aid kit to the beach. So if you need a bandage or an antiseptic, you know where to search.