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4 Intelligent Dog Breeds


Apr 1, 2021

There aren’t many things Americans agree on these days, but there is one topic of which there is a pretty clear consensus: dogs make great pets. Around 85 million families have taken a dog into the home, and the numbers are on the rise. The decision to own a dog may be an easy one, but the choice of dog breed is not so simple. The American Kennel Club recognizes nearly 200 different breeds, and each has its own unique personality. One of the most popular traits pet owners look for in a dog is intelligence. Smart dogs are quick learners, which can be a big benefit during the training process. Here are four of the most intelligent breeds.

German Shepherd

Among the smartest breeds, German shepherds combine intelligence with size, strength and courage, making them a favorite for training as police or military dogs. They learn quickly and with consistency, traits that also make them popular with pet owners. These dogs work especially well with young children, so if you’ve got little ones, it’s worth looking for German shepherd puppies for sale in South Florida or your area.

Border Collie

A jack-of-all-trades type, this breed is the quintessential working dog. Highly observant, energetic and agile, border collies have been used for centuries as herding dogs. Their considerable intelligence helps them keep sheep safe and remember various routines and tasks.


Poodles may look cute and fluffy, but beneath their looks lies a strong and smart dog. The breed is adept at hunting, tracking and retrieving, and is especially gifted at swimming.


This breed’s adorable appearance is matched by its intelligence. The smartest of all the toy breeds, Papillons make great watchdogs and have historically been used to hunt down and remove rats and other pests. The breed also is gifted at learning and performing tricks.

You don’t have to be smart to recognize how wonderful dogs are. If you’re looking to become a pet parent, these are four of the best and most intelligent breeds to consider.