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What Are Some Common Applications for Truck Tie-Down Straps?


Jul 12, 2023

Truck tie-down straps are such a simple tool that we take them for granted. Yet they perform a vital role in keeping cargo secure during transport. Without tie-downs, cargo is free to fall off a vehicle into the roadway. That can be deadly. It’s no wonder that state laws require drivers to keep cargo secure at all times.


Tie-downs come in a variety of options. There are old-school bungee cords and ropes. There are also chains and ratchet straps. A more modern solution is the cam strap. Rollercam is one of the more well-known brands in the cam buckle tie down space. Their truck tie-downs utilize a patented cam buckle that offers less friction and more tie-down force.


Tie-Down Straps for Flatbed Drivers


Perhaps the most common application of a truck tie-down strap is securing cargo on the back of a flatbed trailer. Truck drivers are intimately familiar with tie-down straps for obvious reasons. They use ratchet straps rather than cam straps because they need the industrial strength the ratchet buckle offers.


Everything from landscaping pavers to lumber can be safely secured with ratchet straps. For heavier loads, like concrete sewer lines, drivers are more likely to use chains and blocks.


Heavy Construction Equipment


Securing heavy construction equipment with tie-downs is also pretty common. If you see a truck carrying a bulldozer or paver down the highway, the chances are pretty good it is secured to the trailer with heavy chains. Ratchet straps wouldn’t be strong enough to handle such a heavy load.


Cars, Light Duty Trucks, and Motorcycles


Outside of the commercial realm, one of the more common applications for truck tie-down straps involves hauling cars, light duty trucks, and motorcycles. Picture a tow company that sends a wrecker to pick up a stranded vehicle. A typical passenger car can be secured to the bed of the truck with tie-down straps around all four wheels.


A motorcycle in the back of a pickup truck is also secured nicely with ratchet or cam straps. Likewise for personal watercraft. If you can carry it in the back of a pickup, tie-down straps will usually do the trick.


Furniture and Appliances


Are you planning to move to a new house in the near future? Make sure you have a sufficient number of tie-down straps ready to go. The straps will prove invaluable whether you use a pickup truck, a trailer, or even a rented box truck. Speaking of rented trucks, do not assume you have no need for straps.


Unless you pack the truck extremely tightly, there will be room for things to move. Strategically placing a few tie-down straps here and there will prevent your load from shifting while you drive. You will be happier when you reach your destination.


Tools and Equipment


Let us close this post with a discussion about tools and equipment. Certain types of tools need to be kept secure on trailers or in pickup beds. Lawn equipment immediately comes to mind. Any lawn care professional uninterested in constantly replacing his tools will keep them secure.


Tie-down straps are ideal for securing leaf blowers, edgers, trimmers, and even seeders. Not only do straps keep the tools secure, but they also make it possible to get the tools up off the floor, leaving more room for mowers.


The list of applications for truck tie-down straps includes a lot of things not mentioned in this post. Between different types and the fact that they are so versatile, tie-down straps are an invaluable tool to have on hand. Even if you don’t use them all the time, get a few. You will need them eventually.