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Three Travel Tips To Enhance Your Kenya Safaris


May 18, 2022

Three Travel Tips To Enhance Your Kenya Safaris

Kenya safaris must be planned properly to make sure that visitors achieve their travel goals. Taking your time to learn more about the country is very important. You can prepare yourself in advance with proper entry documents, personal belongings and some knowledge about what to expect to do and see. This article will provide important travel information and guide to help any potential Kenyan tourist. To make sure that your approaching Kenya safari will turn out good you need to discover the following travel tips.

Entry requirements and crucial things to know – Now foreign visitors from everywhere in the world except the East African natives should have a visa. Some visitors are able to obtain one soon after arrival at the airport while others must obtain right in their countries. You may want to contact a Kenyan embassy in your country to find out more about this. Note that visa requirements often change and the embassy could easily clarify the changes. Another crucial thing to know is about access to your money. Top credit and debit cards are acceptable here in Kenya especially at major PesaPoint locations and some ATMs. Even the traveler cheque which can be used to obtain money in local banks is very acceptable. Note that the rates of withdraw depends on what you have and where you can use it to get cash. Although your safaris are easier when planned by a travel agency, you may still want to know the time zone of Kenya which is 3+ GMT.

How to get around – As soon as you arrive at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Moi International Airport or any harbor in Mombasa, your tour and travel guide can take care of your needs. If you want to travel around alone you can use air flights from these two major cities to other smaller towns anywhere in Kenya. Railway transportation is not very common but you can still go to or come from Mombasa to Nairobi by a train. Road transportation is more popular than any other forms of transport.

Climatic conditions – The country’s climate is diverse and the weather conditions mainly depend on the regions. In the coastal area the weather is tropical and humid through out the day because of the lower altitude and the ocean. The central highlands regions especially Mt.Kenya and Aberdare Ranges the climate is very cold because of the higher altitude. In fact, Mount Kenya’s peak is always snow capped and since this is a popular tourist destination that enables camping and climbing activities you should be prepared. The north province is the Kenya’s most remote region and sun’s heat is often unsympathetic. Even so, the region has too much potential for tourism and you will end up there when you visit Kenya. The Western and Many parts of south Rift valley province are ever rainy and green. So generally Kenya’s climate is mainly arid and semi arid. You should therefore bring warm and light clothing to use during your Kenia safaris.