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Things to Know Before Chartering a Bus


Oct 29, 2020

Charter buses are great options for large group trips. Not only is your travel-related stress reduced, but you have the opportunity to bond with the other passengers in a way you could not if you were driving or flying to your destination. Before you start searching for a charter or shuttle bus Galveston Island TX, gather the following information for your trip.

Travel Dates

The first thing you need to know is your travel dates. Will you need the bus for more than one day, or are you just booking a quick tour or transportation to a local event, such as a wedding? If you have flexibility in your dates, consider traveling during off-peak seasons, fall and winter, to avoid higher rental rates.

Type of Bus

The type of bus you need will depend on your purpose and the number of people who will be traveling with you. For example, if you have a small wedding party, you may choose a minibus, while a party bus may be chosen for a celebration. A charter bus with a restroom may be necessary for longer trips.

Length of Trip

How long will you need the charter bus is based on the number of miles you will travel and how many stops you will make along the way. Your bus company may charge you by the amount of time you need the bus or number of miles the bus travels to get you to your destination.


The charter should know your itinerary when you book the charter. For example, are you making stops along the way? Your itinerary will affect your rental costs.

Travel Fees

Ask your charter company about all the fees you may encounter when renting the charter bus or motorcoach. For example, will there be fees for cleaning the bus after your trip, who pays tolls on toll roads and bridges and who is responsible for parking fees?

You can have a stress-free trip by sharing your trip details and confirming your charter services and fees upfront.