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The Best Beaches In South East Asia


May 22, 2022

The Best Beaches In South East Asia

South East Asia – The Best Beaches

The region of South East Asia is extremely well known for its beautiful beaches with pristine white sand, tropical palm trees bursting with bananas and coconuts and long, lazy afternoons and evenings on a deck chair while watching the sun, sand and surf.

There are far too many beaches to list them all in South East Asia, but this article will focus on the best beaches in Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore.


The best beaches in Cambodia can be found in three different communities – Sihanoukville, Kep and Koh Kong. In addition to this, there are also some opportunities to visit private islands and resorts that are located on offshore islands which also have beautiful beaches. While Sihanoukville is often considered the best and largest beach, all of the other places have their own individual eccentricities and can be beautiful in their own right as well.

When you’re staying in Cambodia you have many different options to access the best beaches. The easiest is to take some sort of a package deal that includes your travel, accommodation, food and beach access. Many international hotels are located right on the waterfront. However, these places can be very overpopulated and you may want to rent a small house on a private island if you’re just interested in spending time with some friends or for a romantic getaway.


Trying to pinpoint the best beaches in Vietnam would be a futile task as there are literally thousands of them. Most people stay at the beaches in or near the large tourist cities, directly on the waterfront in front of their hotel. However, Vietnam is a place where you can literally drive along a seaside highway and be forced to stop every 10 minutes for just a small dip in the water, as place after place of pristine beaches slowly pass you by.

Some of the best beaches are Hue, Danang and the old port city of Hoi An. Nha Trang is also an excellent beach but has some very good deep sea and scuba diving schools as well so you can diversify your leisure time a bit here.


The best beaches in Malaysia are not really a secret although most people think they are. Because Malaysia tends to be a very wet country, especially during the monsoon season between November and March, most people go to other countries for the beaches. However, this is perfect if you like to be alone! While the rain keeps most tourists away from Malaysia it’s largely only the east coast of the country that is affected so much by the rain.

As long as you stay on the west coast of Malaysia or come at any other season but the monsoon one, you can really enjoy the beautiful beaches at Redang, Perhentian Islands, Tioman Island, Langkawi and even on Borneo.


While Singapore is a tiny city state, it also has its fair share of beautiful beaches. East Coast Park has a glut of activities and services for tourists right by the sea – food, recreation, entertainment and sports – it’s all there in one place.

Additionally, Singapore has many tiny islands and private beaches as well which can be rented for a day or a week or whatever you prefer.