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The Beauty That Is Seoul Korea


Apr 5, 2022

The Beauty That Is Seoul Korea

That capital city of South Korea is Seoul and this beautiful city attracts many visitors. It is the largest city in South Korea and abounds with culture and unforgettable residents. The safety provided in this large city is a large reason so many are enticed to travel here. When vacationers travel to large foreign cities, they are often victims of theft and violence and this often causes travelers to resist visiting large cities. In Seoul, these types of crimes are almost nonexistent. If you have experienced having a lost US passport, visit an internet site specializing in passport information to find out how to get a replacement as a passport is required for international travel.

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Gyeongbok Palace or, as it is also known, the Palace of Shining Happiness is one of the most visited attractions in this beautiful city. The beauty and uniqueness of this site is unforgettable from the beautiful mountain vistas to the lily laden pounds that populate the grounds. The Secret Garden, Biwon to the natives, presents a Korean garden at its best and was created for royalty to utilize.

In any large city, museums and religious establishments provide great insight into the people of the region, both ancient and modern, and Seoul is no exception. The Natural Museum of Korea presents over 150,000 Korean artifacts. The Seoul Museum of Art and Ilmin Museum of Art attract many art lovers. Jongmyo is the sight of the most revered Confucian shrines in the world but other Buddhist temples located here are Hwagvesa and Bongeunsa.

If you seek relaxation and reflection during your vacation, the numerous natural parks located in Seoul will facilitate a picnic or any other activity that is passive and relaxing. Long days exploring a new city can wear you out and a chance to relax can be a welcome event. Namsan Park where wild animals enjoy the pine tree clusters and the Yangjae Citizen’s Forest are within the city limits and provide great picnic opportunities. Another beautiful location is Boramae Park which contains a large lake surrounded by willow trees and benches for the perfect opportunity to reflect on you day of sightseeing.

From a very young age, residents of South Korea learn to appreciate the performing arts and the Sejong Centre for Performing Arts provide the visitor with the opportunity to experience the giftedness of these people. The presentation of non-verbal performances is unique and the traveler should not miss the opportunity to experience a performance. The Seoul Art Center and the LG Arts Center are some other facilities where the arts can be enjoyed.

This has been just a brief glimpse of the activities that are available if you choose to visit Seoul but travel is only possible if you have a passport. Put you itinerary together and see all that you have always wanted to see in this beautiful city. You will be joining numerous travelers from all over the world who have been attracted by Seoul, South Korea.