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Quick Passports


Jun 16, 2021

Quick Passports

While it can often take a number of weeks for a passport application to be completed, there are ways to expedite the request. If travelers apply for an emergency passport with a valid excuse, such processing time can be cut in half. The answer to the question “How quickly can I get a passport” greatly depends on how quickly documentation is needed and for what reason.


Passports are a federal document that allows someone to travel in and out of countries. It is essential to possess this document if anyone wishes to travel outside of their country of origin and then re-enter. People have passports for many different reasons, business, travel, sometimes emergencies occur and a passport is needed quickly. There are services available to help in such circumstances.

Available Help

It is imperative that individuals answer all questions on the application as accurately and completely as possible. With New security protocols in place, making a simple mistake can often create the need to either begin the application process again or be rejected.

Reasons For Expediting

While this is always important, it is even more so when applying for an emergency passport. Whether or not one has provided a valid excuse, answering certain questions the wrong way, even in error, will raise red flags. As such, it is imperative to review the application before submitting it to a passport agent.

Time Frame

While it is impossible to know exactly how long it takes to acquire a passport, the basic answer is between three to six weeks. Timing depends on the type of application and whether or not an individual has requested an expedited passport with a valid cause. This is only if all answers are correct and any confirmation related to such information can be proven if required.

Importance of Accuracy

In order to assure that the processing takes as little time as possible, it is imperative to answer all questions. There are many different passport assistance associations that can assist applicants online however; there will be a fee for this assistance in addition to any passport processing fees charged by the issuing government.

Speed Up The Process

Individuals may also want to check with a local better business bureau or travel agency to be assured that the organization can provide the services needed. While most companies issuing passports have a license to do so, there are also some that may not. To assure that such identification is set up and delivered properly, it is best to know that those performing and requesting such documentation are licensed to do so.