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Processing A Fast Passport Application


Feb 20, 2021

Processing A Fast Passport Application

Fast passport application processing may be required for last-minute discount vacations, family emergencies or essential business trips. On average, the US Department of State takes six weeks to process applications and send out passports. If urgent travel plans mean you can’t wait that long to get your passport, you have three options.

Expedited Service

If you intend to set off on your journey in three to four weeks, you can use the department’s expedited postal service. Expedited applications for passports can usually be processed in around ten days, although various factors can cause delays. An extra fee is charged for the service and applications should be sent using two-way overnight delivery.

Passport Agencies

If your departure date is within fourteen days, you can phone the nearest regional passport agency to schedule an appointment. To get expedited service in person, you will need to show documents proving that you need to leave the country within two weeks. You will also have to pay the extra charge for expedited processing.

Private Companies

If you need to travel in less than a week, you can turn to one of the expediting services run by private companies. These businesses have the necessary connections to get passports into the hands of their customers in as little as two working days. Expect to pay substantial fees and shipping costs on top of all the government charges.

Required Documents

For any kind of fast passport application processing, you will need to have your official documents in order. This includes regulation sized passport photos, legal proof of identity, and proof of US citizenship. Delays will almost certainly result if any of the required documents are missing or unacceptable.


If you’ve enlisted the help of a professional expediter, you’ll have to bring all of your documents to local designated processing center. In addition to other requirements, you’ll need a letter of authorization giving the company permission to represent you. A Government Acceptance Agent will witness you sign your application before it is delivered to the expediting service.


Individuals applying for passports can find useful information on the State Department’s travel website, including the kinds of identification and other supporting materials that the government accepts. People using private expediting businesses can simply follow the step-by-step guidelines provided on their websites. They can phone a company representative for help if they have problems with forms or documents.


The government has an online facility for tracking the progress of expedited passports. However, it can take several days for information on the status of applications to be displayed. Professional expediters provide their customers with frequent updates by phone or email. Their representatives are always available to respond to customer queries.