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Prepping Young Kids For a Successful Photo Shoot


Jan 13, 2021

If you have young children, it’s certainly worth the time and effort to take plenty of photos as often as you can. While everyday candid shots can bring back some of the best memories, it’s also a good idea to schedule a family portrait Pittsford NY at least once a year to see how your whole family has grown. However, if you have young children, getting a good photo full of happy, smiling faces can be a real challenge. Make sure you take the time to prepare for a successful photo shoot by following these helpful tips.

Pick Your Time Wisely

Scheduling may be tight with your photographer or studio of choice, but if you pick a bad time, the day could be a wash. Steer clear of nap time or early evenings as these can be especially tough on young children. For most families, right after breakfast is a great time of day, since everyone will likely be full of energy and ready for any adventures the day may bring, including family photos.

Arrive With Full Bellies

There are few things that make a child grumpy faster than an empty stomach. Avoid the temptation to wait until after photos to eat. Give them a full meal and plenty of tasty snacks on the way so they’re less likely to be “hangry” when you’re trying to capture the perfect pose.

Wear the Right Clothing

First of all, choose your photo outfits wisely. Pick something you’ll enjoy seeing in photos, but that your children will also be willing to wear. Keep it comfortable whenever possible. In addition, consider waiting to change into special clothing until you arrive at the venue. You’ll avoid excessive wrinkles from car seat harnesses and you won’t have to worry about crumbs or spills so they can eat in the car. If possible, dress your children in zippered tops so you don’t mess up their hairstyles when changing clothes.

A great picture is worth the extra effort. Help your kids arrive to their portrait session happy and ready to smile!