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Prague – The Perfect Vacation Destination


Apr 11, 2022

Prague – The Perfect Vacation Destination

If you are looking for a destination rich with history and culture, perhaps you should seriously consider Prague. It is known as “The City of 100 Spires” which might give you a hint concerning the beautiful architecture you might expect to find here but you will need a passport to have the opportunity to travel here. The procedure for getting a passport has been revolutionized by the internet so you won’t have to worry about standing in endless lines.

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The center of Prague has received the distinction of being named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO so you will not want to miss visiting this site. Gothic and Baroque styles of architecture line the streets and the Astronomical Clock located here is certainly a must see! It was built in 1490 and is known for the mystery of its face. Visitors are still trying to figure it out. Among the beautiful buildings and churches, the Gothic Tyn Church is known for its lighted spires showcased against the night sky.

Another site you will not want to miss is the Charles Bridge. Built 600 years ago, this beautiful piece of history is highlighted with numerous religious statues and spans the Vitava River. There is often entertainment available on the streets of this bridge to be enjoyed while you glimpse the city’s beauty.

The largest historical castle in the world is also located here. It may be no surprise that it is named the Prague Castle but what you find here will certainly be a surprise. You will first notice the flying buttresses and beautiful spires and entering will transport you back in time to the medieval period of history. Those who have owned this piece of real estate over the last 1,000 years have all left their mark reflecting in a variety of styles and designs. The Royal Gardens and the surrounded St. Vitus’ Cathedral are incorporated into the castle complex and feature a lookout tower that provides a spectacular view.

Known as an old Jewish ghetto, Josevof is the location of the world’s oldest active synagogue. Named the Old New Synagogue, its Old Jewish Cemetery is a place of great interest and it is thought that Prague Golem is resting there.

Entrenched in the culture of Prague is the love its people have for beer. They are known to brew some of the best beer in the world and many bars and pubs stand ready to give you a taste while each claims to have the best beer in town. Another item often sought when visiting Prague is their beautiful crystal.