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Passport To Wealth Business Review – Overview


Jan 3, 2021

Passport To Wealth Business Review – Overview

Passport To Wealth Business is one of the home-based businesses that made its entry into the business domain with the help of its founder Darren Gaudry. The business promises to make you financially independent and it dwells on the concept of direct marketing to sell its products to the prospective consumers.

The product line

The chief product of the Passport To Wealth Business is a group of software that helps in imparting the knowledge of internet marketing. The bundle of software makes the people aware of the different techniques and strategies of internet marketing that help them to have a good grip on their online business to make it prosper. Passport To Wealth Business is boastful of the fact that it has a product line worth $75,000 that you can sell to the potential consumers. The problem with the range of products offered by Passport To Wealth Business is that there is a lack of originality in the products. The array of products is not invested with the quality to stand out from the rest in the competitive market.

The way to get started

You can join the Passport To Wealth Business by paying a start-up cost of $997. After you pay up the joining fee, you are entitled to get the internet marketing software.

The compensation plan

The compensation plan is structured on the ‘aussie two up ‘plan. This involves a complicated process especially for those who are not that experienced in internet marketing. To start the business process, you need to make two sales and pass-up to your sponsor. When you are new in the business with little or no experience in internet marketing, you will find yourself in troubled waters. You expect to get the required support and assistance from your sponsor after making the two sales. But the compensation plan makes it mandatory for the sponsor and the associate to part ways in terms of reaping mutual benefits. In other words, after you make the first two sales, you will have to walk the business path alone with your sponsor becoming your competitor.

Be prepared not to get any assistance from your sponsor after successfully passing up your first two sales to your sponsor. There is a break in the chain of continuity of interchanging help and assistance. So the sponsor trains people to become his competitor which does not contribute to the overall building up of the team. This is the problem with the compensation plan which often acts as a disrupting force in maintaining sustained productivity.

It is not a scam

The business opportunity provided by Passport To Wealth Business is not a scam. However, the business is not able to gain favor among the people, mainly because of its complicated compensation plan. The product offered by Passport To Wealth Business is real, empowered with the resale right which can be advantageous to you while selling online.

The seasoned professionals who are well conversant with the knowledge and tactics of internet marketing can earn well from Passport To Wealth Business. If you are new in the business domain, with no knowledge of online marketing skills, then it is not a safe bet to bank on.