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Passport Holders – Cover Your Passport For Safety and Style


Jun 6, 2022

Passport Holders – Cover Your Passport For Safety and Style

What is a Passport Holder anyway? A passport holder is a slim cover that you place around your passport to protect it as well as uniquely identify it. Passport holders are also called passport covers or passport wallets and you can find them under any of those names. You can easily buy them online.

Why use a passport holder to cover your passport? Here are 4 top reasons to use a passport holder to cover your passport.



Distinction or Differentiation

Maintenance and Preservation

The number one reason to cover your passport is Security. Your passport is your most valuable document, especially when traveling abroad and you want it to be protected. If you’re traveling in areas where the population is really poor there may be a lot of pickpockets and thieves who want that passport because it could be worth years of income on the black market! It’s a survival issue and morals go out the window. Best to protect yourselves and loved ones by disguising your passport to look like a notebook or other reading material.

Many people buy leather or very extravagant passport covers which is so opposite to their purpose. The idea is to have a simple sturdy passport cover with a beautiful, artistic but non-descript design. 11:11 Enterprises makes their designs with these considerations in mind. Artistic and fun designs can throw off would-be thieves.

The second reason to cover your passport is simply fun. Having some style about the most fun thing you can do, travel is what it should be all about. Travel can be so serious these days with the world in the state that it is. Airport security and all the hoops that a traveler has to jump through to get to their fun destination can really take the juice out of travel. A stylish passport holder can be a load of fun and take the seriousness and constant tension out of what should be totally enjoyable experience.

The third reason to cover your passport with a stylish holder is distinction or differentiation. When traveling overseas you frequently have to turn your passport in to hotel clerks or border security or even at airports. Since all passports from each country look the same, having a passport holder to cover your passport can set yours apart from the crowd and make the trip easier, rather than sorting through stacks of passports, opening the jacket and wasting time trying to find your passport. Often times this is the case when families travel together. That wasted time is compounded while trying to get passports back for the whole family, especially children. Travel can be tough on younger children who get tired and the last thing you need is to spend another fifteen minutes to a half an hour trying to get your passports together while children are crying and screaming.

Finally, you want to maintain and preserve your passport from the elements. Travel often involves going to remote areas or traveling through weather. A good passport holder which covers your passport can extend the life of that precious document. Again, there are many different types of covers out there. The kind which is made by 1111 Enterprises is very popular because it is lightweight because it’s made from recycled materials which are laminated in a sturdy plastic which resists water and stains and keeps your passport like new throughout your travels.