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Options For After School Child Care


Jul 22, 2020

When your child’s day at school ends before you get off work, there can be an issue where they can go to be supervised. There are many options available that will care for your child until you can be with them. Here are a few to consider.

School Based Programs

One option for your child to participate in is after school programs tampa. These can be onsite at your child’s school or they can be transported to an offsite, privately owned location. They can work with an instructor to complete their homework, play a game or puzzle, or participate in an outdoor activity. Contact your school administration to see if they have this available for you or if they can recommend a place for your family.

Babysitter Or Nanny

Another idea for after school care is to hire someone to provide that for your child. You can pay to have someone come into your home to watch over the student. You can also have the bus drop them off at the sitter’s house instead of your own. This gives your child a familiar place to relax after a school day. They can get a snack, watch television, or play with their own toys under the supervision of someone older and responsible until you come home.

Work From Home

If your employer is flexible, you can opt to come home before they do and finish your workday with them. They can be comfortable in their own place with you which gives you a bit more time in the day to bond with them. They can work on their homework as you finish your tasks or play quietly in another room. An advantage to this is that when you are through, you are already home. This allows you more time with your family that you would usually spend in your commute.