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Online Money Making Schemes in Review – Emerald Passport


Jan 9, 2021

Online Money Making Schemes in Review – Emerald Passport

One of the most popular ventures in the world of online business is direct selling. You get to market products to various clients, just like opening an online store. But can you actually reap great rewards in this kind of internet business? Let’s check out one program that involves direct selling, Emerald Passport.

Emerald Passport is a direct selling online company which markets a wide range of products under three categories: wealth building, financial, and personal self help. The company clearly states that they are a direct marketing company that provides everyone the equally opportunity to experience increased financial wealth by undergoing their so-called “phases.”

But what are these phases?

Phase I- this is your point of entry into the business. Upon your entry, you should invest $1295, and from there you will be given access to the list of members in the site’s database. You will also be given a wide range of self-help e-books which you can sell to your target audiences. These e-books are ready for download anytime.

Phase II and III meanwhile require deposit payments in the payment structure. These consist of seminars which also target the self-help and personality improvement niche, which are all held in Panama, where the company is based. The costs for these seminars range from $8000 to $13000 each.

In order to be a full-fledged member of Emerald Passport, you have to invest a total amount of $22,295. From this you can earn a commission of $1000 to $4500 for each sale once you build your business. The compensation also follows as 2up program, where you pass your first two sales to a chosen sponsor.

Emerald Passport offers high earnings in particular niche markets, thus the target audience will not be difficult to find. However, is can Emerald Passport be able to sustain your needs as an individual looking for extra income?

If you have the initial investment amount, and are willing to spend it on the company, then you can certainly afford to go on and be part of this direct selling program. You also need to have good marketing skills in order to sell your products and convince your target market to purchase your items, and from there you sure will earn a lot.

However, these days, spending as much as $22,295 has grown impractical mainly because of recession. You may have that much money, but you can’t just invest on something which you have not tried yet before. Thus, if you want to earn more through the online business, it is best that you start with those that offer more affordable investment rates which provide faster pay-outs. They may be small businesses but they can bring in the big bucks in the long run.