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Now Is a Great Time To Start Hiking


Aug 26, 2020

No matter how old you are, or in what physical shape, if you’ve never tried hiking but have always wanted to, now is a good time to start. COVID-19 has induced a lot of stress in people, and it’s left people feeling isolated and cooped up. Though businesses are opening up, there are still numerous restrictions inhibiting people’s ability to move as freely as in pre-pandemic times. Hiking is one activity that can open up your world and offer you that longed-for feeling of freedom.

Before You Hit the Trails

It doesn’t take much to get yourself prepared, but you do want to ensure that you have the best opportunity for success and enjoyment before you hit the trails. Nothing is more important than the right footwear and gear. Take the time to get the hiking equipment Toronto that fits you well and suits your own particular needs. Ask for help in finding styles and sizes that are appropriate for your body type and activity level. Make sure to break in your footwear around the house and around your neighborhood before you actually hit the trails.

When It Is Time To Hit the Trails

When you feel like you are prepared to head on out for your first hiking adventure, arm yourself with a map or app that provides you with directions and insight on trail terrain, length and difficulty. Start off short and easy! It isn’t difficult to overdo it your first time out, which makes it much less likely that you’ll be motivated to give it another go. Be patient with yourself. You’ll build up strength and endurance over time. There is nothing wrong with going slow; it gives you more time to take in the scenery.

Getting out in nature is therapeutic, and exercise is great for the mind and the body. With hiking, you get the benefits of both. Being prepared with the right gear and information on trails near you provides you the basics for a positive first experience.