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Nov 21, 2017

When you are in a bad mood or get stress from your routines, having a vacation can help you refresh your mind and relieve stress. But what to do if you only have a few budget? Going on a low budget travelling is the answer.

Planning A Low Budget Travelling First

The limited budget pushes you to make a good and smart plan on your vacation. If your savings is not enough to cover all the expenses, you still can go on a low budget travelling. Make sure to look for places that suitable for your savings and budget. Don’t push yourself too hard on going to a far and expensive place. List out where do you want to go, what do you want to do and how much it will costs. Choose some tourist attraction that provides free ticket so it could reduce the cost.

Search For Tickets And Hotels Promo

Some travel companies provide promo for flight tickets and hotel. For a low budget travelling it is a must, to book tickets and hotel room long before so you don’t need to worry about the increasing prices. You just need to monitor the website or newsletter from the providers. Make sure to always read and check the term and condition when you book the tickets and hotels, just in case you will need to reschedule or cancel your ticket.

Look For The Strategic Hotel

One of the things you must do on a low budget travelling is staying at the hotel near the tourist attractions. List out places and tourist attractions in advance, such as the map and how to go there. Some tourism attractions might near to each other so you don’t need to spend extras transportation fee.

Choose The Right Time

Holiday is a fun activity, but this could give you an extra problem when you have to spend much money and over-budget. Going on a low budget travelling needs you to think more before spending some expenses. Trip at the high season will double your cost because the tickets and hotel rate will increase. Low season is the right time because the tickets and hotels price will be stable. You need to put special attention to the right time if you want to press the expenses. Because such condition will affect your travelling budget.

Prepare your holiday wisely and make sure to list the places to go. Don’t forget to prepare emergency funds just in case you will face some urgent matters in your holiday. All of the lists you have prepared could help you to stay on your low budget travelling plan.