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Lodging Ideas for Your Next Big Family Vacation


Mar 31, 2022

When your vacation includes you and only one or two other people, you have a wide range of lodging options available. From the smallest of hotel rooms to the largest of rental houses, you have your choice of places to stay.

However, if your vacations include several family members, you know what kind of challenge finding suitable and affordable options can be. You can always make pallets on the floor for some family members, but hotels still usually charge extra according to the number of people you have staying with you.

How, then, do you find lodging comfortable enough for everyone – without breaking the bank? Well, there are a few ways, including the two options listed below.


Condos come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose anything from a one-bedroom condo to a two-floor condo, which can provide enough room for many family members. And many condos are set up with bunk beds or double beds, allowing you to take advantage of every square foot.

Rental Homes

There are also many homes available for short to medium-term rentals, especially in popular tourist areas. For example, you can find many Orlando vacation rentals with as many as five and six bedrooms. And they are typically located very close to pretty much anything you would want to do.

You might be thinking that condos and vacation rentals are going to kill your vacation budget, but that usually isn’t true. Not only can they save you money on lodging itself, but they also typically have full kitchens and even laundry rooms. By utilizing these conveniences, you can save on your food budget and on the amount of clothing you have to pack and carry.