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Information Regarding Passport Services


Apr 19, 2022

Information Regarding Passport Services

Passports are necessary documents when it comes to international travel. They allow an individual to enter a foreign country without much trouble and also allow them to re-enter the United States. In the past children used to be able to travel on their parents documents. Now, however all infants and children are required to have their own. A passport application for kids is very similar to an adult application and is even subject to similar services like expediting.


Passports act as a travel document, allowing an individual to enter a foreign country. Because they act as a form of identification the process for obtaining one must be thorough. For this reason many documents concerning origin of birth and identification are needed.

Adult Passports

The requirements for an adult passport include the actual application, proof of U.S. Citizenship, such as a birth certificate and proof of identity like a drivers licence. Photos are also required; they should follow the guidelines. Intent of travel is also required to obtain a new travel document. Once all these forms are obtained and filled out properly one can be applied for.

Children’s Passports

Children’s passports are subject to similar requirements. However there are a few differences. The requirements include a new application as well as proof of U.S. citizenship, in the form of a birth certificate. Consent from both parents is needed as well. If only one parent has sole custody than only that parent needs to consent. Photos are needed as well as the intent of traveling.

Passport Services

There are many services associated with passports. renewals, name changes, as well as adding pages are all services associated with the travel document. Renewals allow an almost expired passport to be renewed. This is only for adults. Children’s documents are only valid for five years. Once the five years is up a new childrens one must be applied for. Name changes are for those who have gotten married or may have gotten divorced and are returning to their maiden name. Extra pages add on to a very full passport ensuring that the passport can still be used. All these services can be expedited as well.

Expedited Services

Passports take about 6 to 8 weeks to arrive. Sometimes this is way too long to satisfy travel needs. For this reason expedited services are offered. These services can ensure a delivery in as less as 24 hours, barring any initial issues with the application and documents. Many private agencies offer expediting services. These prices range depending on how quickly it is needed as well as the agency involved. These prices are also on top of the regular application fee.