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How to Winterize Your Boat


Oct 6, 2021

Schedule a time when you can thoroughly prepare your boat for the winter months when you live in a climate that doesn’t support year-round boating. There are many steps to follow to ensure your boat runs well when the weather starts to warm back up.

Find Storage

When you’re searching for boat storage Miramar Beach FL, consider whether you want indoor or outdoor storage. Are you ok with using a rental lot connected to a storage facility or do you want a location that specializes in storing boats? Depending on the value of your boat, the answers can vary widely.

Prep Engine

Draining and replacing the oil is an essential step in preparing the engine for storage. If drained in water, it can help clear out the dirtiest oil possible. Water must also be emptied completely so the engine is stored dry. You may need to remove drain plugs and use a water pump hose to get all of the moisture out.

Stabilize Fuel

Marine fuel stabilizers are made to protect the fuel from becoming gummy, which can cause engine problems when you bring your boat out of storage. Pour the gas treatment into the tank and then fill it with fresh fuel.

Remove Valuables

There’s always a possibility of theft at a storage facility. Protect your belongings by keeping them stored separately at home.

Wash Surface

Clean the interior and exterior of your boat as completely as you can. Vacuum any carpeting you may have and wipe down seats. Wash and wax the exterior surface to make it look shiny and new.


Protect all of the hard work you’ve just completed with a cover made for winterization. You can also have your boat sealed to ensure it stays tightly wrapped.

When you open your boat back up in the spring, you’ll be ecstatic that you took the time to care for your boat well to start another season on the lake or sea.