• Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Going on a traveling is indeed such a dream for everyone. Explore the beautiful places, unique, and interesting is the dream for any person. How to travel cheap to Europe? For some people, going on vacation abroad such as to Europe or America is sometimes impossible because it will need a lot of money. But you know that there are several vacation spots in Europe at very affordable costs, especially for backpackers. Some cities in Europe provide many spots that rich of cultural assets with affordable costs. How to travel cheap to Europe? You can check the tips below.

Choose The Right Time

Don’t go to Europe at a peak season is the first way on how to travel cheap to Europe. The peak season in Europe is June to August when it is summer so many local people go on vacation. Do not also choose the weeks before Christmas and New Year. The price of accommodation and flight tickets during the summer is a lot higher than any other season. Prices start rising from early June to late August. If you can’t avoid the summer vacation. Make sure you don’t come in August. Because August is the busiest month when everyone was taking annual leave in Europe.

Take Bus For Transportation

How to travel cheap to Europe? Take the bus for your daily transportation. The bus is the cheapest way to travel in Europe, good for travel between countries or travel within the city. If you want to save more money when traveling in Europe, we recommend that you find out a bus pass that is available. For example, if you want to travel around in London, using the Oyster Card will make bus travel more efficient.

Eat At The Food Stall

The next tips on how to travel cheap to Europe is eating at the food stall. Eat at the restaurant is obviously expensive, and we have to pay a service charge along with the tip. The solution is better to buy a meal at the food stall. Take advantage of the hostel which provides a package of breakfast or dinner at a bargain price. The price of food and drink at the hostel are guaranteed cheaper than outside. If the hostel has a kitchen, shop for groceries at the supermarket and then cook at the hostel, such as frozen food, sandwiches, eggs.

Those tips above on how to travel cheap to Europe are the basics things you can do when planning to go traveling to Europe. You could cut a lot of your budget with these tips. So, are you ready for an efficient trip to Europe? Get your passport and visa ready, and you will enjoy your vacation there.