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How to Survive When Stranded in the Sea


Sep 8, 2021

A person can get stranded in the ocean or sea for various reasons, such as a sinking boat due to mechanical failure like marine water filter breakdowns, plane crash, or being swept by ocean currents. This can be a frightening encounter. When you experience this type of situation, surviving should be your ultimate goal. The following are some of the survival tips that you can use.

STOP and Think

The process of being stranded can take a short period. You will just find that you are stranded. This creates an odd situation whereby you aren’t sure whether someone will save you. First, you need to relax and think. This helps you to formulate a strategic plan that you can use to survive.

Do Not Panic

If you want to survive when stranded at sea, you should avoid panicking since it can relieve much-needed energy. Panicking splurges a person’s nerves onto fatal thinking and meaningless regrets. Therefore, the best thing is to remain calm and composed. Although this doesn’t guarantee the likelihood of surviving, focusing on yourself increases the chances.

Avoid Hypothermia

Hyperthermia is the condition whereby a person’s body generates less heat than it loses. This condition is likely when stranded in the ocean or sea, since the water a person drifts in is usually cold. If possible, you should get dry immediately to increase your survival chances. For instance, you can wrap yourself with clothing layers. It is also crucial to pay attention to insulating your head first. If you are a group, huddle with each other to keep the warmth.

Beware of Sharks

Sharks are the most common predators found in open waters. Therefore, you should avoid attracting them at all costs to increase your survival chances. Sometimes, a person may experience strange circumstances like being stranded in open waters. When you face such a scenario, you can employ the above tips to increase your survival chances.