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How to Renew Passport Documents Before They Are Expired


May 4, 2022

How to Renew Passport Documents Before They Are Expired

When you have a current passport and would like to renew passport documents before they expire, it is actually very easy. You can do the process by mail. The only documentation you will need is the original passport that is not expired, your sturdy and secure mailing envelope and two current passport sized photographs. Combine the documentation and mail it with your passport application and fees to the appropriate agency and in a few weeks, your new passport and the original passport will be returned to you.

Locate your current passport. Don’t be concerned about sending it off. It will be returned to you when the new passport comes back to you. As long as you don’t need the passport during the period when the document is in the mail, you will be fine. If you know you will need the new or existing passport more rapidly, you should probably arrange for expedited service.

The passport photo you submit with the application must be current. Passport photos are available in many locations nowadays and are inexpensive. The photo format is that it must be a 2-inch by 2-inch picture with a white or near white background. The photo must show you full face. You can’t wear headgear. If you must wear glasses normally, wear them for the photograph. Tinted glasses or sunglasses are not acceptable unless you have a doctor’s statement that requires tinted lenses.

The application form for the passport document is available online. You can find it at the United States Department of State website. Download the application form there and print it out in paper form. Complete all the necessary information on the form.

You must make a decision about whether a passport card is an option you want to pursue. Passport cards are useful when you travel to Canada, Mexico, Bahamas or similar locations. A passport card allows you to travel to these locations without the risk of carrying your passport book. There are additional costs for obtaining one of these cards, so add the extra fees if you decide you want the card.

How quickly you need your passport returned will determine the amount of money that must be sent along with the passport application. Expedited service and overnight delivery service obviously cost more. You must determine whether you want to pay for a passport card. The correct amount of money will be instrumental in whether or not your application is approved and returned to you quickly.

You also must decide the best way to pay for your passport. A personal check must match the application form in name and address. Otherwise, you should get a money order. You can also make payment with a debit or credit card.