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How to Obtain Your US Passport


Oct 19, 2021

How to Obtain Your US Passport

The fact is that whenever traveling to a foreign land it is important that you have a valid US passport. If you are a US citizen then you will find the written information relevant. Obtaining your US passport is only possible if you are a US citizen. The process for obtaining a passport is fairly straightforward, but there might be few complications in certain cases. It is possible for you to obtain an application form online. There are thousands of websites that might allow you to download the entire passport application form as a PDF file.

When trying to obtain your US passport you can never expect to get your passport processed online. Passports are issued after the process of verification is completed by the government authorities. You will have to get pictures taken for your passport. There are a number of photo studios and drug stores that will take your photos for your passport photos as well as some passport agencies. Where ever you go for your photos for a passport, always ensure that you go to a person who is qualified to take photos as the photos need to be a certain size and very clear. Anyone person who is sixteen years and older can always apply for a separate US passport according to the Federal and State government rules. In case the applicant is under the age of sixteen, then it is important that both parents have to sign the application form and may have to get the form notarized.

In case you are applying for your US passport for the first time then it is important that you might have to apply in person. This condition holds true for a number of cases like if your expired passport is not with you. You might also have to apply for a US passport in person if your earlier US passport has been expired and was actually issued to you at least fifteen years earlier. This is also true in case your previous passport was issued to you when you were under sixteen years of age. In case your current US passport is stolen or lost then you might have to apply for a new US passport in person as you might have to undergo the process of verification all over again.

In case you need to get it expedited, then you will have to spend little more money and provide with a self addressed stamped envelope for an express service to the passport office. There are chances that you might get your passport expedited within 24 to 48 hours or even a few days. It is always advisable not to sign the general passport application in absence of an official. The normal time for getting your hands on your US passport is eight to nine weeks but if you are ready to spend little more money then you can get it within three weeks time as express service.