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How To Obtain A Child’s US Passport Application


Jul 23, 2021

How To Obtain A Child’s US Passport Application

Looking to take a trip to another country and have a child that you want to take along? There are some parents who want their children to experience things that they never got to see. That is why you will find that in many instances, you will be wondering how to get the child’s US passport application. Here are the things that you need to know.

When you go to do this, you should have both parents there. When both parents are there, they have to prove that they are that child’s parents. This means they have to show how the child is related to them. This can be done by means of the birth certificate. This will also help you to prove what you need to prove for the child.

The only children who can get a United States passport are those who are legal citizens. Some of you might wonder what if the child was born on a military base. The reason for that is because many are born on a base overseas. The way that you can do this is to be sure to include the naturalization papers so they are aware that the child is a U.S. citizen.

When you go to fill out the application, if you do not have both parents there, you have to have consent of both parents. The parent who is absent must provide a written statement to say how they are related and how they are to be held responsible for the child. They also have to give a statement that is notarized as to why they could not be there.

For the child, you must prove the legal citizenship in the United States. This can be done with the birth certificate. They have to show two proofs of identification. There are a number of things that can be used as identification so you do not have to worry. You can check online concerning what documents are acceptable to prove citizenship and identity.

You can print the actual application online. Then, when you are done, you need to mail it to the proper location. There are a few locations that you can send this too. There are other things you have to send as well. What are some of those things that you have to send? Here are a few other things which are needed.

There are some fees that you will have to provide. The form will indicate the amount that is charged for the processing of the application. Then there is something else which you will have to send. You will need to send two photos. However, not any old photos will do. They have to meet a few requirements. What are those requirements?