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How to Get a Concealed Carry License


Mar 19, 2021

If you like guns and collect them as a hobby, you might want to bring one with you from time to time when you leave the house. For this, you need to hold a concealed carry license. Although guidelines vary among states, there are four basic steps to getting your license so you can bring your firearms with you wherever you go.


Each state has its own rules about concealed carry, so before you purchase a concealment vest or holster, make sure you know what it will take to secure your license. Some states might require waiting periods, extra fees, or extra courses before you can apply for your license. Many also conduct background checks and look for a criminal record, so be prepared for any issues that might arise during that process.


Almost all states require you take a course before getting your concealed carry license. This course will teach you the state laws regarding guns and self-defense so you don’t get in trouble down the line. It will also go through gun safety and proper handling of a firearm. Even if you’ve been using guns for years, a concealed carry class can be of great benefit if just to learn the nitty gritty legal side to carrying a gun with you in public.


Once you pass your concealed carry course, you’ll usually get a certificate of completion. This certificate makes you eligible to apply for your carry license with the state. Typically, you’ll have to go through a state website and submit some basic information and proof that you’ve taken the class. Once you pay your fees and are approved, you’ll receive your concealed carry license. Just remember to keep that license on you at all times in case you ever need proof of your legal right to carry a firearm.