• Thu. May 30th, 2024

Some people may be wondering how to get around the holidays with a very cheap cost or get a cheap travel. Because a lot of people want to get a vacation with the lowest budget but still enjoy the trip. These tips below may help you to enjoy a cheap travel.

Road Trip

The first thing to do to enjoy a cheap travel is going on a road trip with your friends or family. Instead of going with the train or airplane, go with a car may reduce the costs. You can share the operational cost such as the fuel, parking fee or even take turns to drive. But the most important thing is to make sure to drive very carefully and do not drive if you are sleepy, take enough rest before the drive.

Choose A Homestay Not A Hotel

Another tip to go on a cheap travel is reduce the hotel cost. Instead of staying at the hotel or resort you could choose a homestay. A homestay is a local house which sometimes rent to the tourist. In addition to the cheap price, usually the homestay’s owner is very friendly.

Trying Local Culinary

For the cost of consumption or eating, instead of going to the fancy cafe or a luxurious restaurant you could go to the traditional food stalls. this will help you more to have a cheap travel. You need to find local stalls or restaurant that offer traditional foods and mingle together with the surrounding communities. In addition to the unique and scrumptious food, another advantage is the price fits your budget.

Join The Open Trip

The last tips to have a cheap travel is joining the open trip. The open trip is a journey that is done with many people to certain destinations with sharing cost system. It will reduce your travel cost, especially in transportation and accommodation.