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How To Access Cash in an Emergency


Nov 3, 2020

There are a lot of times when life’s necessities don’t wait for pay day. Frequently, it’s just not an option to leave the issue unaddressed, especially when it’s something like a vehicle breaking down that could impair your ability to get to work and keep earning. When that happens, you need to know where to go for the financial resources that allow you to take care of your present needs.

Cash Advance Services for Consumers

If you’re looking for a cash advance lender Mississippi, there are a few things to keep in mind, because fee structures vary a lot. Look for a lender whose fees are transparent and whose method of collection is also easy to grasp. Chances are, if a lending agreement is overly complex then it’s designed to have some snags. It’s also worth remembering a principle called the cost of capital. It comes from business financing, and it represents the amount you wind up paying in addition to the advance. Lowering that cost is the key to minimizing the expense of a loan.

Factors That Affect Your Advance

Sometimes, your credit score or income affect the cost of the advance. More often, the fee structure is set and the cost depends on how large the advance is going to be. Larger advances cost more in terms of absolute money, but they are often less expensive when you consider the costs as a percentage of the cash you access. Sometimes it’s actually better to get more than you need, so you still have cash on hand when you pay back the advance with your next paycheck. The method of collection can also affect costs, so look into options for automatic payment that might lower your total costs when everything is said and done.


The key to using any cash advance service is budgeting the costs of the transaction. Keep that in mind when you’re shopping so you have an easy time budgeting the repayment to make the best use of this tool.