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Hotels and Details – Differentiating Yourself From the Competition


May 20, 2022

Hotels and Details – Differentiating Yourself From the Competition

When you’re a hotel owner, the details, whether it’s the amenities or how the staff are dressed, set you apart from your competition and impact your business. Particularly when you’re in hospitality, you’re guest centric 24/7 and you know that while every guest is important, some are pickier than others, especially when it comes to details such as hotel supplies. Some people notice the architecture and the character of old world hotels and spa hotels while others pay attention to the details that are the hotel supplies and amenities within their hotel room. From the door to the wall and the floor to the ceiling, the smallest details may be the icing on the cake of a great trip or the last straw on a bad trip.

Being ever mindful of the details is critical as they define your business. In markets where the hotels are aplenty and competition is steep, paying close attention to everything from the hotel supplies in the guest rooms to the water in the pool becomes critical. Triangled toilet paper ends, fan-shaped towels and complimentary toiletries enveloped in wash clothes are just a few creative touches found in many hotels. People choose a hotel from among many hotels because perceived value as well as offered hotel supplies and amenities. When guest rooms look like the pictures and the hotel and the room are well put together, people are generally pleased. Additionally, when everything, including the amenities, is as promised, the traveling public are happy guests.

Many hotels have a signature amenity, service or slogan for which they’re known. These include complimentary room service, personalized bathrobes, fresh baked cookies at check in and curved shower curtain rods and other hotel supplies. The overall goal is to stand out from the competition and create staying power in the minds of consumers. While people may not necessarily choose hotels for the signatures, amenities and hotel supplies, they’re all indications that hotels pay attention to details and truly care about what you, as the valued guest, think. These same hotels tend to pay more attention to their guests’ opinions and work to accommodate requests, wants and needs in the form of amenities.

There are many factors that go into a consumer’s decision when it comes to picking hotels. Location, rate, amenities, service and hotel supplies are weightiest among them. Most people will select an area with a city, the Back Bay in Boston or SoHo in New York, for example and then begin reviewing hotels. People review the details that are important to them, such as dining options, amenities, services and hotel supplies provided. Although some people appreciate being attended to promptly, others will defer to fellow guests while other people still care not about service but are very particular about the hotel supplies and amenities in their room.

Whether it’s complimentary toiletries or glass tumblers, the quality hotel supplies hotels use to outfit guest rooms are more important than ever before, especially when people have many hotels, in a variety of price ranges, to choose from. People want the best hotel, outfitted with excellent hotel supplies, that they can afford. Hotels want you to stay with them and they strive to please you. Part of making you happy means showing you value and part of value and is offering quality hotel supplies and amenities as part of your well appointed guest room. There are just a few of the things hotels do for their valued guest: you.