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Hokkaido – Endless Unspoiled Natural Landscapes For Adventurers


Jun 5, 2022

Hokkaido – Endless Unspoiled Natural Landscapes For Adventurers

When many think of Japan, images of large skyscrapers and bright lights in cities like Tokyo come to mind. Hokkaido is the northernmost island in Japan, but it’s popular for different reasons. This island is full of gorgeous pristine forests and therefore attracts those who prefer to spend their time outdoor exploring, camping, and hiking. If this sounds like you, look into traveling to Hokkaido. Traveling to this island requires a passport, but you can get one online. Getting a passport online is the quickest and easiest way to get one.

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Hokkaido National Parks

The main lure of Hokkaido is the untouched forests in its National Parks, and there are quite a few on the island. Shiretoko National Park is located on the north-east tip of Hokkaido. This gorgeous forest has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for good reason. It has a unique hot-spring waterfall, and it also contains the largest population of brown bears in Japan. With a name that translates to “end of the Earth,” you can expect Shiretoko to be an exciting place to explore.


If you are looking for a more rigorous hiking experience, head to Daisetsuzan, the largest National Park in Japan and destination for extreme hikers, located right in the mountainous middle of the island. The name Daisetsuzan translates into “Great Snowy Mountain,” which is appropriate, as these towering mountains are always snow-capped.

Food And Drinks Of Hokkaido

Something you might not expect is how famous Hokkaido is for its food as well as for its beer. Ramen is the staple dish in Hokkaido, but don’t mistake it for the ramen college students eat in the US. The ramen of Hokkaido is made with noodles of very high quality, and the dish is topped with all sorts of things like lamb, vegetables, various types of seafood, and more. You might have heard of the Sapporo Beer Brewing Company before, and it’s just one of the many breweries in Hokkaido. Be sure to try some of the famously delicious chocolate from Ishiya Chocolate Factory as well. Because most of the residents of Hokkaido live near the sea, Hokkaido is also well-known for fresh, delicious seafood.

Sapporo Snow Festival

If you can, arrange your trip in time for the Sapporo Snow Festival, as it’s an experience unlike any other. It’s easily considered to be one of the most fun things to do, because people come from all over and build snow sculptures that are honestly works of art. This is a great option if you are looking to spend a just an afternoon or a whole day, as there is delicious food and plenty of sculptures to see.