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Gifts Kids Can Make


Jun 18, 2020

Children should be involved in gift-giving so that they understand the concept of giving. This is a difficult concept to teach to young people who have no job and no money. Helping your child create gifts from the heart will help them understand the spirit of being generous.

Keepsake Box

Keepsake boxes are wonderful places to hold small items. They can be used to hold a shell collection, jewelry, stamps, paperclips or just about anything. To create this useful gift, first start with a wooden box from an online craft store. Your child can paint it any color but keeping it a more relaxed blue or green hue will make it easier for friends and family to display. Make sure to have your child initial and date the bottom of the box.

Picture for Every Season Picture Frame

Grandparents love pictures, so your child can treat them to a special set. Help your child choose several festive outfits and take “seasonal” pictures on your phone. Together, choose and print four to six on your home printer or send them to a local business to print. Cover a thick block of wood with pretty wrapping paper or paint (again blue and green are best). Hot glue a wooden clothespin to the top middle of the wood to hold the first picture. Create a little pocket out of a sandwich bag in the back to store the other pictures so that they can be easily switched out with the season.

Floral Arrangement

Using real or plastic flowers, teach your kids how to make a small bouquet for a loved one who isn’t feeling well.  Place a block of florist foam at the bottom of a small vase. Tape floral tape in a crisscross pattern across the top of the vase. Next, let your budding florists fill the container with flowers!

Having a hand in making gifts creates buy-in from the young gift giver. Even though they may not have money to spend or the ability to go to the store, homemade gifts bless the giver and the receiver.