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Getting Away – It’s Time to Get Creative


Apr 24, 2022

Getting Away – It’s Time to Get Creative

Practically every year, the subject of a vacation comes up. The questions when to go, where to go and who to travel with must be answered. So often, the only places people consider are places within the United States and while it is an awesome thing to visit places in your own country, sometimes you want to do something different. Why not venture out of your own country this time? Some people think it is much more expensive but traveling to nearby places can actually be less expensive than staying in the U.S.A. You may think you will have to incur the expense of a passport but if you chose to travel to Mexico or the Caribbean, you can go to your computer and get a US passport card online and you will be all set to go.

While a passport card is all that is necessary for land and water travel to bordering countries, a passport is needed if you decide to fly as your method of transportation. An express passport service can be easily located online making the process simple and secure. Rather than having to hop into your car and find the nearest United States Passport Office, your passport can be obtained at the convenience of your own home computer.

Wherever you decide to travel, you wouldn’t want to get back home and find out you missed the opportunity to see an awesome place because you didn’t know it existed. To avoid this happening, be sure to consult the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s list of World Heritages Sites located at your vacation destination. Through this organization, the United Nations has sought to identify places that hold extraordinary value related to mankind’s natural and cultural history.

There are twenty-nine World Heritage Sites that can be visited in Mexico and that is more sites than anywhere else in the Americas. El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve and the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve are two of these sites that alone can make your trip to Mexico worth while. Not only do these places hold numerous species of life, many of their protected residents can be found no where else on earth.

If you choose to journey a little farther into Central America, an array of World Heritage Sites awaits you. The Cocos Island is one such site and can be found off the coast of Costa Rica. Known for its diving opportunities, the depth of the water around this island encourages habitation by vast numbers of large sea life including shark, giant stingrays and dolphin. While there are a lot of Caribbean islands, this one provides opportunities to forge through volcanic tunnels, caves and beautiful green spaces. Beautiful coral reefs and an abundance of sea life complete the attraction of this beautiful island.

A location names the “Pompeii of the Americas” can be found in the city of Joya de Ceren. This El Salvadorian city provides an exciting historical revelation concerning the city of Joya de Ceren. The volcano named Loma Caldera erupted in 590 AD and literally put the city into suspended animation. The preservation of daily life like partaking in meals as well as the preservation of the landscape by this eruption gives us an opportunity to look back into the way life was so very long ago.