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Florence – The City For Lovers Of Art And Gelato


May 29, 2022

Florence – The City For Lovers Of Art And Gelato

The Renaissance is alive and well today in Florence, Italy. A visit to this beautiful city will present you with new examples of art, culture, and history around every corner, and you will become infused with a feeling of romance that is hard to ignore. As one of the art capitals of the world, Florence is a popular vacation destination. Just remember that you’ll need a passport. Start by going online an filling out an application of passport renewal form.

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Of course Florence is famous for its Renaissance art, and it can be found everywhere in the city, not just in museums and galleries. In fact, there is a recognized ailment that results from the extreme amounts of awe inspired from seeing all of the amazing art – Stendhal syndrome. Look it up! So, if a sickness associated with overwhelming amounts of art was “discovered” here, then the art is something you don’t want to miss out on. Be sure to visit one of the most famous art galleries in the entire world: the Uffizi Gallery. This gallery houses one of the most famous Italian art collections anywhere. There are often street performances outside the Gallery, and they are definitely part of the experience. The Bargello is the Uffizi but for sculptures, featuring works by Michelangelo, Ammannati, and Donatello.

Outside the walls of famous galleries, you will be able to find art all over the place. While you might have trouble pronouncing Duomo di Firenze, or the Santa Maria del Fiore, you will certainly be able to recognize this famous domed cathedral. It’s the star of postcards, calendars, and anything concerning Italy, but it’s even more beautiful in real life. Head to the top of Giotto’s Tower, which is right nearby, to get a very rare view of the entire city. Santa Croce is the final resting place for Galileo, Dante, Donatello, and Machiavelli. The Boboli Gardens is a beautiful piece of landscaping with many statues scattered throughout the garden.

One of the most important things to remember is: don’t skip out on the gelato. Don’t be skimpy either. Italy is famous for its invention of gelato, but Florence is recognized as the place with the most delicious gelato. Vivoli is a gelato store that is said to have the best gelato in Italy. The Mercato Central is the place to stop for a snack or souvenir food. Here you can purchase all sorts of Italian cuisine, including fresh fruits and handmade olive oil.