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Buenos Aires – Experience The Unique Culture And City Atmosphere


Sep 27, 2021

Buenos Aires – Experience The Unique Culture And City Atmosphere

A city of intrigue and excitement, Buenos Aires is the second largest city in South America. Famous for its European style, this city is a very popular vacation destination, for both adults and younger children. Buenos Aires is divided into 48 districts, each it’s own sort of tone. That being said, planning your vacation by these districts is a good way to go. However, you will first need to acquire passports for everyone in your family. Adult and child passports can be purchased online from official passport vendors to speed up the delivery process.

Get A Passport

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Go Exploring

One of the best things about Buenos Aires is all the open green spaces to explore. Because of this quality, Buenos Aires is an excellent city to just explore on foot. The best places to walk are La Boca and Palermo. Palermo is more quiet than the city, and it has lots of open spaces with flower gardens and a lake where you can take paddle boats out. La Boca is the more European neighborhood. It is here where you will find the Caminito, a famous road that is known for the tango dancers performing and the crafts being sold.


There are three super important cultural traditions in Buenos Aires: football (our soccer), polo, and tango. During your stay in Buenos Aires, try to make the time to experience these traditions at least a little bit. It’s easy because tons of companies offer lessons, and even if you don’t feel like participating yourself, there are plenty of places where you can simply be a spectator. Another recommended activity is taking a cooking class or even a Spanish class.

Palacio Barolo

One of the most recognizable and popular landmarks in Buenos Aires is the Palacio Barolo. This beautiful building offers some of the most spectacular views of the city of Buenos Aires, which you can do through tours Monday through Thursday. The tour takes visitors through the building and out onto the balconies to experience some great bird’s-eye views of Buenos Aires. It’s beautiful on the inside as well, as its themed after Dante’s Inferno. If you like zoos, Temaiken Park is a great one. Instead of cages, animals, such as big cats, lemurs, and sharks, are put in areas that resemble their natural homes.