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Big Savings and Big Fun While on Vacation


Oct 4, 2021

Big Savings and Big Fun While on Vacation

Taking a much-needed vacation doesn’t need to leave you begging for change on the street corner. Lately, there have been some great strides in the travel industry, including the advent of the passport card. A passport card offers comparable benefits to the passport but is much, much cheaper. A passport card allows for land and sea travel in many locations around the United States. Passport card online applications are available, meaning you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home to deal with obtaining passports.

Consider staying with friends or family when you go on vacation. This ends up saving you a lot on lodging and food, maybe even totally eliminating these expenses. As an added benefit, a local host often provides better advice about what to do and what to see during your visit. Make sure to bring your own snacks and water bottles. Packing your own water and snacks prevents you from having to spend six dollars on a water bottle at a theme park. Snacks make great pick-me-ups while on the road in between meals and you won’t end up using time or money on drive through fast food restaurants or convenience stores.

Try to stay flexible when it comes to travel dates and times. I saved around $50 simply by switching the day of the week of my flight. Chances are your flight will be less crowded in addition to being cheaper. Also look at prices offered by different airports. If you could save just a little bit per person by driving a little further to a different airports, the savings often outweigh the gas prices. If your vacation requires traveling to a different country, make sure everyone has a passport. Child passport renewal and adult renewals have gotten easier in the recent past.

Never discount driving as an option. While just the thought of driving for hours with your children in the car may give you a migraine, there is tons of advice online about how to effectively keep kids, and parents, happy on long road trips. Look at the prices of airline tickets for your entire family and then look at the total amount you will spend on gas. Usually you will find that driving is so much cheaper, that it actually may be worth the bickering in the back seat.

Many have told me about their money-saving travel secret. They will often call hotels directly and ask about their lowest possible rate. Many times, it’s much lower than the lowest displayed rate online. Also check online for coupons that you might be able to use wherever you’re staying. You might also consider downgrading a little bit. Opting for the three star hotel as opposed to the four star hotel could could save you loads of money.