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Answers to Passport Expediting Questions


May 27, 2021

Answers to Passport Expediting Questions

Passport expediting is the means by American citizens get their travel document much quicker than the normal processing time. The need to expedite the process usually arises unexpectedly. Due to the abruptness of the situation, there are generally a lot of questions that come up. The answer to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding passport expediting are provided below.

How can I expedite a passport?

There are three ways to expedite a passport. You can go through the exact procedure required for routine service except that you would write the word “expedite” on the outside of the envelope and include payment for this service. Another way to expedite a passport is to apply in person at a regional agency. Finally, the application process can be accelerated if you employ the services of a qualified passport expediting service.

How long does it take to get a passport expedited?

The time it takes to complete the process depends on the method used. Remember, routine service can take up to six weeks. Following the first method given above will get your passport delivered in two or three weeks. The remaining two methods are capable of getting the application processed the same day it is submitted. However, applicants need to factor in other variables such as how long it takes them to travel to the agency or express mail delivery time if applying through an expediter.

What is the cost for passport expediting?

The fee that is paid to the Department of State for expedited service is $60. Professional expediting companies charged fees based on how quickly you need the application processed. The prices ranges from $65 to as much as $299 for the fastest service. Remember, there are other costs to consider if you apply yourself such as transportation, parking, food and other related expenses. Of course, your time is worth something, too.

Can I requested expedited service if I already sent the application?

This is a common question usually made by those who submitted applications without verifying processing times. When they discover that it can take up to six weeks to get a passport, they get nervous and want to find out how to get the document faster. Applicants cannot request expedited service once the request has been sent for routine processing. In this case, the applicant should wait until one week prior to the departure date. If the passport has not arrived, the applicant should call and make an appointment at the nearest regional agency. Unfortunately, professional expediters can no intercede in such situations.

Passports are required of all U.S. citizens who plan to exit and/or return to the United States. They are even required for travel to Mexico, Bermuda, Canada and the Caribbean region. Expired passports are not acceptable. It is important to make sure you have your travel document and that it is not expired or damaged. If you need to get one or renew or replace one, apply as early as possible. If you need to get a one quickly, you now know how to expedite a passport and the costs involved.