• Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Many people may have been intending to go on a vacation to Australia, but confused how to go and what to do. You can see the 4 places to visit in Australia here for your vacation plan. The Commonwealth of Australia is the only country that occupied the whole continent, which is Australia Continent. This Continent is the smallest continent in the world. Australia is indeed a big country that offering a wide variety of tourist attractions, such as the city, the history, art and culture, and also nature and adventure. If you have a plan to go on a family vacation to Australia, you need to decide first how long will you go there and what places to visit in Australia. If you already decided both, you can start planning your itinerary. We recommend you to go to 4 places to visit in Australia. Here is the list of places to visit in Australia.

Sidney Opera House

The number one of 4 places to visit in Australia is Sidney Opera House. It is indeed one of the icons of Sidney and Australia. This building is built specifically for performance events for the purposes of tourism in Australia. With a unique and beautiful design, the Sidney Opera House attract many potential tourists both local and foreign tourist.

City of Literature, Melbourne

Another one of 4 places to visit in Australia Melbourne. Melbourne as the Victoria’s Capital City is the second largest city in Australia and Oceania. Melbourne is famous as a City of Education because most of the best universities in the world are located there. UNESCO gave Melbourne an award as the City of Literature. The main tourist attraction and landmark in Melbourne are Melbourne City Center and Royal Botanic Garden.

Bell Tower, Perth

Another one of 4 places to visit in Australia located in Perth is Bell Tower. It is also famous as Swan Bell Tower. Because the design looks like the beak of the Swan. The Swan itself is the native animals in the Swan River. The main function of the Bell Tower is the time marker in Perth. The sound of the bells rang every day at 12 pm. However, at the time, many travelers usually go to The Bell Tower to enjoy the magnificent views of the city light from the top of the tower. You can say that the Bell Tower is the most beautiful sights in Australia.

Gold Coast, Queensland

The other one of 4 places to visit in Australia Gold Cost. Gold Coast is the tourism area located in the southern area of Queensland. It is famous for its white sand beach that you could enjoy for free. There are many natural parks and botanical garden that you can enjoy there. This is the place to go on a vacation with your family especially your children. You can go to the beach directly from your rental apartment. Main Beach Parade is very comfortable area to go for a walk because there are pedestrian way alongside the beach and many benches to sit for a while.

By knowing all these 4 places to visit in Australia, you can prepare yourself for the places you want to go when you are in Australia.