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3 Ways to Make Your Cruise Affordable


Jan 10, 2020

Cruise vacations are popular among all age groups and income levels, considered more luxurious and hassle-free than other types of travel. With so many options available, your ideal voyage should be easy to find and to fund.

Cruise Bargains

Sail during the slow season for the best deals. Caribbean cruises are known for great deals throughout the year and bargains are particularly abundant now through the end of December, except on holidays. Alaskan cruise prices tend to dip in April and September when the weather is notoriously unpredictable. Shop around but remember when comparing prices that the best deals may not be immediately evident. Numerous cruise lines are now including drinks and port excursions in the quoted price so don’t compare one trip’s base rate to the another’s more inclusive package.

Airfare Deals

For vacationers not fortunate enough to live near ports, cruise lines typically offer airfare add-ons. Arranging air and cruise together has two important benefits: convenience, and assistance if airline delays cause you to miss your ship. You may find it cheaper to purchase trip insurance then reserve your flight separately; run the numbers before booking. The most affordable way to fly is almost always paying for your flight with frequent-flyer miles or credit card points if you can. Compare prices among airports and don’t be afraid to book a flight into a neighboring airport. There is a handy shuttle service that runs from houston airport to galveston cruise terminal so if you sail out of Galveston but your best airfare is to Houston, take it.

Short Trips

Naturally, shorter journeys tend to be less expensive than longer ones; they boast other advantages, too. Taking a few short vacations can be better for your health than splurging on one long one. Cruises lasting three to five nights include fewer days at sea and a greater proportion of time spent in port. Additionally, many first-time cruisers find short voyages a good way to sample locations they may return to later.