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3 Tips for an Epic Outdoor Party


Apr 30, 2021

More and more people are moving their entertaining outdoors. This often extends to events like weddings and graduation parties. If you are planning to hold a large event, use these three tips to help it go smoothly.

1. Prepare for the Weather

One of the major drawbacks of planning an outdoor event is that you have to consider the weather. While you can’t know exactly what the weather is going to be on the day of your event, you can have a rough idea based on averages.

Tents are an excellent solution for a number of weather concerns. They can shield guests from sun and rain, and adding an enclosure makes them cozy in cooler temperatures. A few other ideas that will help keep guests comfortable include using fans and cooling tunnels in hot weather or heaters during cold months.

2. Use Entertainment That Fits the Space

Outdoor venues can make entertainment more challenging. Sound can escape and fade away easier, making it difficult for everyone to hear what is going on. Professional entertainers understand this and are prepared for the unique demands of outdoor venues. Whether you decide to go it alone or use a pro, look into a/v rentals Las Vegas NV to ensure you have the right equipment for your space.

3. Be Considerate of Guests With Disabilities

You may have always dreamed of a beach wedding, but what if those conditions mean excluding some of your closest friends or family members? Most established venues welcome guests with disabilities, but it is always best to ask ahead of time. Find out what accommodations are in place or available to make your event special for everyone involved.

If you are using an informal space, you will have more responsibility to ensure it is appropriate. Use a guide like this one from the ADA National Network for more information about best practices.

It is always advisable to be prepared for uncooperative weather when planning an outdoor event. Having entertainment that is suitable for your venue and making accommodations for differently-abled guests helps everyone have a great time and enjoy themselves.