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3 Creative Vacation Ideas


Dec 16, 2021

If you are already looking ahead to your next vacation but are stuck for ideas, consider something creative this time around. You might try an RV adventure, an art hop or even a stay-at-home weekend.

An RV Adventure

If you have an RV or can borrow or rent one, pack it up and hit the road for your next vacation. Map out a route ahead of time, and visit several places you’ve always wanted to see but have never gotten around to. These might include historic sites, national parks or famous monuments. You can gear your trip toward your family’s special interests, but make sure there is something on your itinerary for every family member. Book a spot for your RV in a campground or RV park Columbia SC for every leg of your journey, and enjoy the great outdoors as you travel.

An Art Hop

For an extra-creative vacation, plan an art hop. Make a list of art museums and exhibits around your area, and schedule a stop at each of them. You might also throw in art classes to allow your family to give their favorite arts a try. Broaden out to include a concert or a theater performance as well, and you will have a memorable vacation and perhaps a family of budding artists.

A Stay-at-Home Weekend

If money is rather tight for your family, you can plan a stay-at-home weekend for your next vacation. Gather your family members, and have each person choose a favorite activity for the family to do together. Depending on the season, you and your family might enjoy hiking, swimming, biking, board or card games, a movie night, making a special meal or treat or holding a treasure hunt. The possibilities are endless, and none of them cost very much. Yet they are a great way to bring your family together and take a mini-vacation right at home.

Vacations don’t have to be elaborate and expensive to be creative and fun, so plunge in and enjoy your next vacation.