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3 Ways To Have Family Fun in Your Backyard


Dec 31, 2020

Instead of planning expensive trips to form connections as a family, imagine the joy of building lasting memories right at home. With a little creativity and preparation, your own backyard can be a fantastic place to experience family fun. Here are three ideas to get you started.

1. Build a Backyard Fire Pit

Camping doesn’t have to be the only time to revel in the warmth of a fire on a chilly autumn night. Building a fire pit takes less than a day, and then you have a wonderful setting to share stories and yummy treats. Without the hassle of setting up a tent, you’re free to enjoy the evening, then sleep in your own bed.

2. Buy a Trampoline

Releasing pent-up energy and building strong muscles are just two benefits to having 8 foot trampolines in your backyard. Family members can play gaga ball, practice gymnastic skills and master high jumps while laughing and being silly together. Even the adults can benefit by getting some exercise while having fun with the kids. Since most trampolines now have safety net enclosures, you don’t have to worry about major injuries.

3. Set Up an Obstacle Course

With a few simple items, a backyard obstacle course can provide hours of fun for the family. Using nature items can lower the cost of your course and help you create unique challenges. Logs can be used as balance beams, and large rocks can become stepping stones. A ropes course can also be designed with some clothesline and the trees around your yard. To create climbing obstacles, hang cargo nets or build a small rock climbing wall.

As you can see, traveling isn’t the only way to experience family bonding. Start making memories today by choosing one of these ideas to create a backyard your family wants to be in together.